Getting started in 5 minutes

Place the following Markdown file on or, perhaps as

class: center, middle

# Simple example presentation

## Author


## Another slide

Try **F** and **P** keys.

- A bullet point
- Another convincing argument


## Code blocks are no problem

Here we have some Python code:

from itertools import cycle

fizz = cycle(['', '', 'Fizz'])
buzz = cycle(['', '', '', '', 'Buzz'])

for i in range(1, 101):
    print((next(fizz) + next(buzz)) or i)



## Images

An image fetched from the web:

![Sample image](

Let us assume your talk is on (replace <namespace> and <repository>):<namespace>/<repository>/

You can now visit (replace <namespace> and <repository>):<namespace>/<repository>/main/

Of course you can reference another branch or tag or hash than main.

If you like better, then check